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You have an Exchange Server 2013 organization that has two sites.
The sites use a single namespace.
Each site contains two Exchange servers and a hardware load balancer.
Mailboxes are distributed evenly between the sites.
Your company’s IT policy states that all users must be able to access their mailbox if one site fails.
You implement a DNS round robin solution for the Client Access server infrastructure.
When a site outage occurs, some users report experiencing intermittent slowness when they connect to their mailbox.
You need to recommend a solution to resolve the issue.
What are two possible recommendations to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Remove the Virtual IP (VIP) of the failed data center.
B.    Implement geo-dns
C.    Add one additional Client Access server to each site.
D.    Deploy a Windows Failover Cluster in each site.
E.    Lower the TTL of the DNS records.


Answer: AE

You have an Exchange Server 2013 organization that contains one office in Los Angeles and one office in New York.
All servers have the Mailbox server role and the Client Access server role installed and are members of a data availability group (DAG) named DAG1.
The servers and databases are shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)
You need to ensure that if the active copy of NYDB01 fails, a server in the same site will attempt to activate a copy of the database before a server in another site does.
The solution must not influence the activation of other database copies.
Which command should you run?

A.    suspend-mailboxdatabasecopy -identity nydb01\ex3 -activationonly
B.    set-mailboxserver -identity ex3 -autodatabasemountdial bestavailability
C.    suspend-mailboxdatabasecopy -identity nydb01\ex4 -activationonly
D.    set-mailboxserver -identity ex4 -autodatabasemountdial bestavailability.

Answer: D

You configure a new IP gateway for TLS-secured communications using the IP address and port 5061. You are unable to receive voice mail messages. Why is this?

A.    The IP address configured is incorrect.
B.    The FQDN of the IP gateway should have been specified instead.
C.    A firewall is configured in between the IP gateway and the UM server.
D.    The port chosen is not suitable for secured communications.

Answer: B

Which types of UM dial plan must be associated with one or more Exchange 2013 servers?

A.    SIP
B.    E.164
C.    Extension
D.    All types

Answer: A

A call is forwarded from the UM IP gateway to Exchange Server 2013, and reaches the UM call router. What is the next step before the voice mail reaches the user mailbox?

A.    The UM call router establishes an audio connection with the IP gateway.
B.    The UM call router proxies the connection to a Mailbox Server.
C.    The UM call router always redirects the call to the UM service on the same server, regardless of where the Mailbox is located.
D.    The UM call router redirects the inbound call to the UM service on the server where the Mailbox is located.

Answer: D

Two groups of users within the same dial plan need different features enabled; the first group requires access to voice preview, whereas the second group must not have voice preview enabled. How should you accomplish this?

A.    Create a new UM dial plan with voice preview disabled.
Edit the dial plan settings for the second group of users and assign them to the new UM dial plan. Disable voice preview within the dial plan.
B.    Create a new UM mailbox policy with voice preview disabled.
Assign the new UM mailbox policy to a new UM dial plan, and update the UM dial plan for each user in the second group.
C.    Create a new UM mailbox policy with voice preview disabled within the original UM dial plan.
Update the UM mailbox policy for the second group of users.
D.    Create a new UM dial plan with voice preview disabled.
Disable Unified Messaging for the second group of users and re-enable UM with the new dial plan.

Answer: C

A user often visits two different offices and has an extension at both offices. Each office has a different PBX system with different UM dial plans. What is the correct way for an administrator to allow the user to receive voice mail to calls received at either office?

A.    Configure the user account so that a secondary dial plan and telephone extension is specified.
B.    Set up the PBX system so that instead of sending calls to voice mail the call is forwarded to the other office extension.
C.    Request the user contact the helpdesk when arriving at each office so that the dial plan can be altered.
D.    Assign the additional extension to the UM mailbox.

Answer: A

You need to verify if the installed SSL certificate for server01.contoso.com will work with your Lync/Skype for business system with MTLS. Which certificates are valid? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    Self-signed certificate with the FQDN of the server.
B.    Certificate issued by an internal Enterprise CA including the FQDN of the server.
C.    Certificate issued by a third-party including the HTTPS name (mail.contoso.com).
D.    Third-party certificate including the FQDN of the server.

Answer: BD

SIP secured communications appear to fail. You ask the networking team to check that the correct ports are open. Which port is not required for SIP secured communications?

A.    5060
B.    5061
C.    5063
D.    5068

Answer: A

The IP gateway is configured to connect to Exchange 2007 using an IP address.
When a user is migrated to Exchange 2013, the calls to UM never reach the UM call router service on an Exchange 2013 server. Firewall rules are correct.
Which of the following is a possible resolution?

A.    Reconfigure the IP gateway to use the IP address of the Exchange 2013 server instead of the Exchange 2007 server.
B.    Reconfigure the IP gateway so it can use DNS resolution.
C.    Update the settings on the IP gateway to use the DNS name of the Exchange 2007 server.
D.    Verify that the SSL certificates are correctly configured on the Exchange 2013 servers.

Answer: B

The final mailbox has been migrated to Exchange 2013 and your colleague switches off the final Exchange 2010 UM servers without uninstallation.
What issues may an administrator see if the servers are not uninstalled correctly? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    No issues, this is the correct way to decommission the server.
B.    The UM servers may still appear in Exchange management tools and cause timeouts.
C.    A future upgrade to a newer Exchange version may not be possible without remediation.
D.    SSL certificate generation will fail.

Answer: BC

One winter’s day a supplier-level power failure occurs impacting the primary site.
Staff are sent home and your requirement is to bring Exchange Server online in the disaster recovery site.
What are the steps to do this when the file share witness is located in the primary site and DatacenterActivationMode is set to DAGOnly?
The alternative witness server had been configured when the DAG was originally set up.

A.    Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -ActiveDirectorySite <PrimarySite> followed by Resume- DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -ActiveDirectorySite <SecondarySite>
B.    Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -ActiveDirectorySite <PrimarySite> followed by Start- DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -ActiveDirectorySite <SecondarySite>-WitnessServer FS1
C.    Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -ActiveDirectorySite <PrimarySite> followed by Restore- DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -ActiveDirectorySite <SecondarySite>
D.    Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -ActiveDirectorySite <PrimarySite> followed by Restore- DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -ActiveDirectorySite <SecondarySite>-WitnessServer FS1

Answer: C

You need to design a DAG layout for a company with 5000 staff located around the world.
The company has three datacenters, one located in San Francisco, one in Madrid, and one in Tokyo. Mailbox sizes mean that one server in each site is sufficient to store the data and a second server is needed for high availability. The network infrastructure of the company allows all users to access all parts of the network via an MPLS cloud network, but the fastest links are to the geographically closest datacenter. If the MPLS network links fail, cross-site connectivity will be broken. What will this Database Availability Group (or groups) configuration look like to ensure a working solution in both active and failure scenarios?

A.    Create a single DAG with two servers in each datacenter as members of this DAG with the file share witness in Madrid.
B.    Create two DAGs, one with the PAM and file share witness in San Francisco and the other with the PAM and FSW in Tokyo. Add one server in Madrid to the San Francisco DAG, and the other server to the Tokyo DAG.
C.    Create three DAGs, one for each datacenter and expand the DAG to the nearest other datacenter where an additional server will be placed for site resilience for that primary datacenter of the DAG.
D.    Create four DAGs. One in each datacenter with two servers in it, and then a fourth DAG that holds the replica servers and is distributed geographically across all of the datacenters.

Answer: C

You need to request and install a digital certificate for the four client access servers that will be used in your Exchange Server 2013 deployment. (Choose all that apply.)

A.    Run New-ExchangeCertificate on each CAS server
B.    From the Exchange Admin Center generate a new certificate request for autodiscover.
C.    From the Exchange Admin Center generate a new certificate request for autodiscover.
yourdomain.com and all of the names used by all of the CAS servers in all of the datacenters
D.    Purchase a UCC digital certificate from a trusted third-party certificate authority
E.    Delete the default certificate configured by the Exchange installation

Answer: CD

You are creating a plan to ensure that if an Internet link failure occurs at your primary datacenter, and you successfully move your mailboxes over to the DR site, that all users will be able to connect. You want to do this with the least IT management tasks required. (Choose all that apply.)

A.    Ensure that all ExternalURLs for all protocols are mail.contoso.com.
B.    Ensure that OWA has its ExternalURL set to mail.contoso.com but that all other protocols have ExternalURL set to null.
C.    Configure your internal DNS server to have an A record for each CAS server in both sites listed with their own IP address.
D.    Configure your internal DNS server to have an A record for mail.contoso.com that has the IP address of your load balancer that load balances Exchange Servers in the primary datacenter as the IP address of this A record.
E.    Configure your external DNS server to have an A record for each CAS server in both sites listed with their own IP address.
F.    Configure your external DNS server to have the externally NATed IP address of your load balancer that load balances Exchange Servers in the primary datacenter.

Answer: ADF

Contoso wants to have a 7 day lagged database copy and wants to ensure that their SafetyNet duration is set to the same value. What command would they use?

A.    Get-TransportService | Set-TransportService -SafetyNetHoldTime 7Days
B.    Get-TransportService | Set-TransportService -SafetyNetHoldTime 7:00.00
C.    Set-TransportConfig -SafetyNetHoldTime 7Days
D.    Set-TransportConfig -SafetyNetHoldTime 7:00:00

Answer: D

Which of the following accepted domains can be included in an email address policy?

A.    Authoritative
B.    InternalRelay
C.    OpenRelay
D.    External Relay

Answer: AB

Contoso and Fabrikam are two divisions of the same company. Both were historically separate entities and remain so for email due to compliance reasons. Both organizations have an Exchange Server 2013 deployment in two different datacenters and they use rack space at the partner company’s datacenter to host passive DAG nodes. They would also like to use the Internet connection of the partner in the event of an outage with their own connection for inbound mail flow. What do they need to configure in addition to the records pointing to the primary datacenter?

A.    Create the following DNS records:
contoso.com MX 5 mail.fabrikam.com
fabrikam.com MX 5 mail.contoso.com
B.    Create the following DNS records:
contoso.com MX 10 mail.fabrikam.com
fabrikam.com MX 10 mail.contoso.com
C.    Create the following DNS records:
contoso.com MX 20 mail.fabrikam.com
fabrikam.com MX 20 mail.contoso.com
D.    For each organization, create an internal relay accepted domain and a send connector with the matching address space as the accepted domain.
E.    For each organization, create an external relay accepted domain and a send connector with the matching address space as the accepted domain.

Answer: CE

Which of the following Windows PowerShell commands will return the list of servers and the state of the servers in a cluster?

A.    Get-ClusterNode
B.    Get-ClusterServer
C.    Get-Cluster <Name> | FL *node*
D.    Cluster.exe Node

Answer: A

You notice that when using Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus on a server that hosts only passive database copies, you have a large copy queue length of over 10,000 logs for one of these databases. Which of the following could be the potential impacts of this issue?

A.    Backups will not truncate log files.
B.    Disk space for logs might run out.
C.    The active database might dismount.
D.    The transaction logs on the lagged copy will auto play forward.

Answer: ABC

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